The Benefits of a Proximity Card

The Benefits of a Proximity Card

In this modern era, we find many new inventions of technology. Along with the new inventions, our security needs also change. Do you familiarize with a proximity card? The proximity card is widespread used for security purpose and used in hospitals, business firms, government offices, and much more. The size of the proximity card is not bigger than your driving license. It is quite small but invaluable.

If you familiarize with an identity card, then the look of the proximity card is almost similar to the identity card. The proximity card is combined with a proper identification system which gives you permission to access restricted or sensitive areas. In big companies, they also install a proximity card reader. Are you an employer? If you work in an office where the proximity card reader is installed, it requires you to swipe the card through the reader. The signals are directly delivered to a main computer which the access to the restricted areas is controlled. Thus, the access can be easily gained. If the computer does not receive the signals, then you will not be allowed to enter the restricted areas. It is because you probably do not swipe it correctly, so the signals cannot be transferred to the main computer.

Nowadays, there are many companies using the proximity card to monitor the employees’ attendance. The company can produce these cards and all the employees get one card. In this case, an ID card is combined with the proximity card. The way to use the proximity card is the same as before. You just need to swipe in when you enter the office, and if you want to leave, you’ll just need to swipe it out. Once you have done it correctly, the attendance details can be recorded well. If you are a manager, then you should make sure that your employees do not misuse their cards, so that you will know who are absent.

By knowing the benefits of a proximity card, are you going to use it? C’mon, what are you waiting for?

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