Process of Business Management

Process of Business Management

Business process is the important process of planning, co-coordinating and controlling a business. Every successful business has a business management team, whether it is one person or many. The main purpose of businesses is to be profitable, and the main function of managing businesses is so that the business creates sufficient value for its customers so that its revenues exceed its total cost. Business management departments deal with all the aspects of a business. They ensure that everything runs smoothly and that every department communicates and cooperates with the other, to complete assignments and deadlines on time.

Business managers are generally required to have sharp problem-solving abilities and skills, and should also have knowledge and experience in the seven functional areas of business: production, accounting, managements information systems, marketing, finance, human resources, and product research and development. They should be able to co-ordinate these activities and balance the amount of time spent on each, to increase the value of the company to other people, such as its stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the surrounding community.

Different businesses give varying amounts of authority to their management teams, and management can be divided into three levels. High-Level Management teams need to have an extensive knowledge of the roles of management and skills. They need to have to be aware of key external factors such as markets as they are responsible for strategic decisions.

Their decisions are generally of a long-term nature and they usually chalk out a plan of what they think will be effective in the future. The middle management teams have specialized understanding of specific managerial tasks and are generally responsible for carrying out the decisions made by the High level management. The Lower Management teams ensure that the plans and decisions made by the Upper and Middle level are carried out, and their decisions are generally short term ones, such as the what the business will do in a day.

Communication skills are very essential for Business Managers, as they have to deal with many people; including the people employed by the business, freelancers that need to be told what job they are required to do, as well as communicating with clients and understanding exactly what they require from you and your business and when they want it done.

Time management is also an extremely precious skill which every Business Manager should master. When a client gives a business a job to do, the business manager needs to give a rough estimate of the time it’ll take for the job to be done, which is what the pricing will be based on.

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