Best Cities for Business Studies School Trips

Best Cities for Business Studies School Trips

Business studies and economics are two of the subjects that have the most real-world applications, and a trip to an overseas trade centre is a good way to demonstrate that to students. Seeing commerce in action in another country will help them to appreciate the true international nature of finance and industry, as well as gain an insight into the workings of companies and institutions.

There are a number of fascinating cities that are ideal for business studies school trips, as they have banks, manufacturing operations and stock exchanges that offer tours. Among them is Tokyo, which is the perfect place to study how firms from a different culture operate.

The Japanese economy has been through some amazing highs and lows over the past 30 years, and studying them is a great way to get to grips with concepts such as deflation, stagnation and the liquidity trap. The country still remains a beacon for hi-tech business and your students will learn more about it with a visit to a car manufacturing plant, while a tour of the Tokyo Stock Exchange is a good way to learn about trading.

One destination that could hardly be more different from the Japanese capital is Brussels, but there is lots to discover about business and economics in Belgium. In addition to trips to industrial complexes, you can take your group to the European Parliament and European Commission to find out how the institutions influence international trade.

Munich is another location that has plenty to interest those studying business. It is the most important financial and manufacturing centre in Germany, making it one of Europe’s most affluent cities.

Visit the BMW factory and your group will learn about how a major German company operates. The tour should help them to gain an understanding of global branding and how it can influence a firm’s success in the international marketplace.

Learning about commerce in Europe will be useful for students, but it is also worth thinking about taking them to one of the world’s rising economic powers. Anything they discover about business in China is certain to be useful if they choose to make a career in industry, so a trip to Shanghai to see the financial district and a steel plant is the perfect choice.

The US remains the world’s largest economy and you can find out how important its banking sector is to that status during a visit to New York. Students can take a guided tour of Wall Street and learn why central banks are important with a visit to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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