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Secret Methods of Home Work Business Opportunities Scams

Secret Methods of Home Work Business Opportunities Scams

Home work business opportunities scams have become the order of the day on the internet. And the menace continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Each day you come across newer and newer scams and scammers. In fact, if you happen to be a bit net savvy and have ever scoured the net looking for ‘Get Rich Quick’ home work business opportunities or a proven income opportunity, you already know what I am talking about.

Reportedly, more than 90% of these so called home work business opportunities are outright scams. What they actually do is capitalize on peoples hopes, take advantage of human weaknesses and finally succeed in emptying the wallets of the common man. Most internet marketers (scamsters included) are well aware that its not just making money with home work business opportunities but making easy money that is one of the single biggest motivational factors for anybody. It’s therefore not surprising that its the number 1 searched topic by millions of net surfers each and every day. What people look for in the real world applies equally well in the online world too. It is common knowledge that given good home work business opportunities that work, most people would be far happier working for themselves than under a boss who is breathing down their back. No one really enjoys work pressure or work politics, right. And above all we would like to work to our own schedules, not someone else’s. Perhaps, these are some of the principal reasons why the most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings!

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, internet marketers and clever scammers alike draw heavily on this knowledge while drafting their sales letters especially those relating to home work business opportunities. Just recall how many times you have come across a sales letter for home work business opportunities or a proven income opportunity that harps on themes such as-‘Work in your pajamas’, ‘Fire you Boss’, ‘spend more time with your wife and kids’, ‘work whenever you like to’ or ‘work from your vacation home’ or island or whatever it is that really pleases you. Sounds familiar ? Savvy marketers understand that the act of buying a product is driven by human emotion and is therefore impulsive in nature. It becomes logical only afterwards in order to justify the wisdom of the purchase decision. That’s why you will invariably find these themes built into sales letters for home work business opportunities because they are meant to appeal to exactly that – your emotions.

Close scrutiny of effective sales letters for home work business opportunities will almost always reveal a distinctive pattern. So much so that, you can safely conclude that the more effective they are, the more likely it is that they have stuck to the pattern. It is well researched human psychology that people respond positively if you can instill hope or fear or cause a sense of urgency or appear as an authority or appear to be unbiased or even unusual. Taking the cue, today’s cyber sales letters are deftly crafted, cutting edge works of art that have all these concepts and more woven into them for best effect. Some examples of this in action are- ‘Learn how I made a million dollars in 15 minutes’ (kindles hope), ‘Don’t be spied on’ or ‘you don’t want any legal trouble’ (evokes fear), ‘prices to go up in 2 days’ or ‘the discount ends today’ (creates a sense of urgency), ‘I made $300000 from Google last year’ or ‘I am a member of the International Home Business Entrepreneur’s Association'(appear as an authority), a 3rd party or reviewer like style to the letter (to appear unbiased), ‘Stop reading and leave if you can’t invest in your future’ or ‘Don’t buy this unless you are convinced the others are bad’ (appear unusual to earn your loyalty).

Even a savvy surfer who is proficient in these techniques can occasionally fall prey to one of these cunningly crafted devices blinded by the lure of easy internet riches. But the vast majority of those that do so are enterprising young men and women from all walks of life who are often unaware of the powerful sales conversion techniques in operation here and mistake it to be a proven income opportunity. Its a matter of much regret and concern that the internet in the short span of time since its advent into the larger public sphere has already transformed itself into a safe haven for spammers, scammers, pornographers and fraudsters touting home work business opportunities.

If at all there is something that we can console ourselves about, it is the fact that there are still a few really good and legitimate home work business opportunities out there that truly work. However, like the proverbial pin in the haystack, it takes more than mere foresight to identify genuine home work business opportunities from the vast and ever increasing population of internet fraudsters. You will always do well to conduct a fairly in depth review of prospective home work business opportunities by doing a Google search on it or by visiting popular or eclectic forums on home work business opportunities where you will have the chance to enquire with present users of the program as to how they are doing with it. This will go a long way in helping you make an educated decision for yourself as to whether it indeed is a proven income opportunity. If anybody tells you that he’s got a secret to share with you on how to make a million dollars in 15 minutes flat or that there are residual income home work business opportunities out there that require little or no investment of your time, money or effort, you better watch out. Unfortunately, there are no home  work business opportunities that give you returns for no investment of your time, money or effort. Its against the Common Law of Business or for that matter home work business opportunities to not invest anything at all in a venture and yet earn an income from it. There are simply no home work business opportunities or even an already proven income opportunity on the surface of this earth that will succeed for you without good old hard work, patience, dedication, investment and enterprise.

Do you have what it takes to devote 1 or 2 hours of your time every day and I stress the words- ‘every day’ ? What if I show you one of the genuine and most popular home work business opportunities that will work for you provided you work it? A proven income opportunity. Its called the Plugin Profit site. Its one of those few home work business opportunities on the net that has stood the test of time and is still going incredibly strong. You will have to join 5 affiliate programs. Relax, all of them are free except for one. And the only investment for you on that one program is just twenty dollars per month apart from a monthly fee of about twenty five dollars which goes to your web hosting account with Host4profit that they recommend. Once you join these 5 programs you get a dynamic, profit pulling, home work business opportunities affiliate web site for free created specifically for you with tutorials, great bonuses, user forums and 24 hour customer support. The 30 Days to Success guide that comes free with the program literally holds you by your hand (explaining every silly detail) and walks you through the process of getting everything up and running in a very short while. One of the many bonuses that comw with the program is a free membership to the webs most respected forum -The Warrior Forum, where you will get to rub shoulders with some of the giants in the field of internet marketing on an everyday basis for free! You can also seek the help and advice of other members through the exclusive Plugin Profit site members forum hosted within the Warrior forum. You will find links to this proven income opportunity as well asto my main web site at the bottom of this page.

It is worth re-iterating that none of these home work business opportunities will work, not even a genuine and proven income opportunity if you are new to the concept of hard work. Its becoming increasingly difficult to identify good home work business opportunities that work thanks to the continuing proliferation of fraudsters who constitute the vast majority. Good home work business opportunities like the one mentioned above which is a proven income opportunity can only provide you with the system and the tools, its up to you to make the best use of them. You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make.

Why should people who work at home get business insurance?

Why should people who work at home get business insurance?

Working from home can be a great thing, especially when the business you are working for is your own. A home office saves you money on many expenses, including travel expenses such as gas, as well as rent and d many other costs often associated with having your own business at another location. But there is one expense that many business owners who work from home often don’t think about or would ever think they’d needbusiness insurance.

However, many experts claim that even if you work from and own and operate a home-based business, it would still be a very wise choice to acquire business insurance. Even if you are the only one who ever works in our home office, there are still plenty of unforeseen occurrences that could devastate your business if you don’t have business insurance coverage.

What does business insurance cover?

There are various types of coverage available for a home-based business, much in the same way that you can choose certain levels of car insurance and home or renter’s insurance. But typically, a good business insurance policy will cover a wide range of circumstances, such as theft or damage of property, y accidents that occur in your home business office, and even any accidents that may occur that were seemingly unrelated to the business, such as a mailman delivering a package to your home office who accidentally falls and injures himself on your property.

Business insurance is also important because it isn’t just about a monetary loss you could face if n asset, such as a computer system, is damaged or stolen. It’s also about the potential sales income that could be lost as a result of such an incident. Business insurance ensures that you can quickly be up and running as soon as possible, with funds to purchase your new computer or any other equipment and supplies you might need to keep things running smoothly.

There are three basic types of business insurance:

1. The In-home business insurance policy

This is a good policy covering many contingencies, and might be considered if you also have additional employees. The business insurance will cover theft of items or documents, damaged equipment, theft of cash, and also any injuries sustained by you or your employees when working for the business. It is one of the more popular home insurance policies de to the range of things it covers as well as a reasonable monthly premium.

2. An add-on to your homeowner’s insurance

This type of business insurance is relatively inexpensive and simply expands upon your current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, serving to cover the business as well. However, coverage in the event of an incident is minimal. It is a good choice if you are the sole employee of the company and you do not have a lot of expensive equipment to worry about.

3. Business Owners Policy

If you think you’d like to ensure that you have a lot of coverage (more than $10,000) should anything unfortunate occur, then you would do well to choose a Business Owners policy. This type of policy provides extensive coverage for a wide range of situations and incidences, and is similar to the type of business insurance retail establishments often utilize.

Business Opportunities – 9 Things to Watch Out For

Business Opportunities – 9 Things to Watch Out For

If you are considering striking out and starting a new business, you have probably been investigating what are known as “business opportunities”. A business opportunity is usually a complete package that contains a product or line of products, and a marketing strategy for selling that product.

Any business opportunity worth considering will either have a track record that you can investigate and evaluate, or it will have a clear statement of the plan, the potential, and the up-front costs. Before investing any time or money in a particular business opportunity, there are some things you should consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

How long has the business opportunity been in business? – Before investing time and money in marketing a business opportunity, it is important to determine how long that business opportunity has been operating. If it is a new concept that has not been proven in the marketplace, you have no assurance that it will even work.

Does the company have a fixed address and phone number? – This may seem obvious to you, but the fact is, thousands of “companies” operate with nothing more than a website and an email address. Many of them are here today and gone tomorrow. Make sure the business you intend to deal with has a fixed address, physical location, and established phone number.

Does the business opportunity have some successful members you can talk to? – Most business opportunities will show you “testimonials”, but these are often untrustworthy. They could even be completely fabricated. Ask the owner of the business opportunity for names of real people you can talk to. Call them on the telephone and ask them to share their experiences with the program. This will not only provide you with valuable first-hand information about the program, but it will give you a list of advisors who many be happy to help you along the way.

How much initial investment is required? – In many cases a proven business opportunity with a successful track record will involve some kind of initial investment. This could involve an initial amount of product inventory, a program subscription fee, or possibly a piece of equipment required to produce or finish the product. You should not assume that a business opportunity that is free to join is a better investment. Usually, a free-to-join business opportunity will involve other costs such as marketing and advertising fees. Nobody gives away “opportunities” for free. What you have to determine is whether a specific business opportunity has a successful track record, is managed by honest people, and offers you a realistic chance of actually making some money. These are the things you must weigh against the entry costs.

What is the realistic income potential of the business? – Have a careful look at the numbers and projections provided by the business opportunity. Then talk with actual members who are using the program to determine if they have been able to turn those numbers into reality.

Are there extra fees such as yearly or monthly subscription fees, shipping costs, or minimum purchase requirements? – Make sure to get a detailed list of all the fees involved in operating the new business. These things may not seem significant now, but they can easily eat into your profits later.

Who controls the money? – When you generate sales for the business opportunity what assurance do you have that you will get your share of the profits? This is the primary reason not to deal with “fly by night” outfits that have no track record. Again, the best way to get an accurate reading on this is to talk with people already using the program.

Does the business opportunity supply marketing materials and person-to-person mentoring? – One of the most difficult parts of starting a new business is “learning the ropes”. It can be extremely helpful to have advisors who have first-hand experience in making the program work. The same goes for marketing materials. You will have enough to do without having to create brochures, ads, and newsletters for your new business.

How much control of your new business will you have? – Be clear on who owns the business, and who controls the way it is developed and marketed. You may want to diversify your product offerings in order to avoid being at the mercy of “head office”. Remember that you are trying to create a business that has long-term value. This will involve considerable investment of time and energy on your part. You don’t want your business to be completely dependent on the stability and integrity of a single supplier.

The ideal business opportunity is one that is offered by a stable company with a proven track record. The business opportunity should require low initial investment and have high-profit potential both in the short term and in the long term. It should allow you to build a profitable business of your own that will be a source of income far into the future.