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5 Interesting Facts about Soft Serve Ice Cream

5 Interesting Facts about Soft Serve Ice Cream

Think you know this cool, creamy confection? Think again. The next time you tickle your taste buds, keep these fun factoids in mind:

  1. Soft serve has been around for nearly a century. While there is some debate as to whether it was Dairy Queen Founder J.F. McCullough or Carvel founder Tom Carvel who invented soft serve, either way, the dessert has been around since the 1930s. However, the Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine as we know it today didn’t come about until the 1960s, when mechanized air pumps were first added to the machines.
  2. Urban legend credits Margaret Thatcher as the creator of soft serve. Prime minister by day, soft serves maven at night? While this is purely urban legend, Thatcher did at one-time work for the food conglomerate, J. Lyons & Company, which did develop soft serve technology.
  3. Soft serve has seaweed in it. Sort of. Carrageenan, an ingredient commonly found in soft serve, is a natural seaweed extract. It’s used for its stabilizing and thickening properties, as well as to help give the ice cream a smooth texture.
  4. Soft serve is technically a reduced-fat food. The average hard ice cream has to have a minimum of 10 percent butterfat, and some have up to 16 percent (think Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s). Dairy Queen’s soft serve has a saintly 5 percent, with most soft serves landing somewhere between three and six percent.
  5. August 18 is National Soft Serve Day. As if enjoying a reduced-fat treat wasn’t reason enough to indulge, there’s a special day dedicated to this delicious dessert. However, with all the flavors available as well as organic, all-natural versions, there’s no reason to wait to have America’s favorite frozen fare.

Bonus fact: Soft serve isn’t cold enough to give you brain freeze, perhaps making it the best cold dessert ever.

Can Family Business Consultation Improve Your Business

Can Family Business Consultation Improve Your Business

Do you know what family business consultation is? First, let me tell you what it’s not: family business consultation is not therapy. Instead of focusing on the past and all the problems of the family, his focus is on improving the function of your business (which may of course also improve family relationships). We don’t go deep into your childhood or sibling rivalries. The results of this work are measured by improved business performance in the here and now.

In my work with family businesses, there are four components that I have found to be crucial. These include managing conflict, succession, communication, and roles.

Manage Family Conflict

As part of a family business, you know how quickly conversations can degenerate into conflict. Arguments are more likely in a family business because family members are more comfortable with each other (and, therefore, less censored) than regular co-workers. Not only can workplace conflict hurt relationships among family members, can reduce your credibility and professionalism with other employees.

To get better results and enjoyment from your business, you and your family can:

o Recognize the causes of business disagreements.

o Change the course of communication before conflict develops.

o Better understand family member’s views on business issues.

o Assertively state your thoughts and opinions.

o Develop a system for handling disagreements in a private office (not in front of employees).

Do you think you and your business will perform better with lower conflict? I bet so.

Plan for Change in Business Structure & Succession

Your business will eventually change over time. You may consider bringing on junior partners, promoting someone, or creating new titles and responsibilities for people. Family members, business partners or investors may consider a change in the business structure. Planning for succession is an essential component to the success of a family business.

To effectively plan for your business’s succession, you should be able to:

o Openly discuss issues related to succession.

o Learn how people feel about taking over the business–don’t assume that your son or daughter wants to or feels comfortable telling you how they truly feel.

o Address potential challenges to a new partnership or business structure up front.

o Anticipate family members’ and employees’ positive and negative reactions to changes.

o Ensure a smooth transition into your new business structure.

Enhance Family Business Communication

Many of the family businesses I have worked with surprised employees (and even me!) by how much they argue. In your family, it may feel normal to have disagreements or even a heated argument. It may blow over, and no one is bothered much by it.

Even when this enters the workplace, it may still feel natural to you, and you may not even notice

– but other people do. And it often makes them feel uncomfortable. Simple conflicts and communication difficulties can block your business’s ability to thrive. The good news is that these challenges are easy to address. Family business consultants helps to:

o Point out communication problems.

o Coach family members on developing new communication patterns.

o Establish regular times for family business members to have meetings.

o Make meetings more effective and efficient.

Clarify family member business roles

The fourth key point is role clarification. A common problem in many family businesses is that individual roles and responsibilities tend to get blurred. Have you experienced this? You and your family members step on each other’s toes, and it isn’t clear who’s in charge of what or whom?

Business roles are different from family roles. This can become confusing – not just for family members, but also for your employees, and even customers. An absence of role boundaries often results in communication difficulties and conflict.

To have a thriving family business you need to:

o Clearly identify and label specific business roles for each family member and employee.

o Ensure that each is content with his or her business role.

o Outline job descriptions and responsibilities for each individual.

o Create clear roles for new hires.

o Establish the organization’s hierarchy and determine who reports to whom.

As a family business, you have a unique opportunity to thrive. In my experience, family businesses have more passion, creativity, and loyalty than the average business. Once you harness these things and address the four components of conflict, succession, communication, and roles, your business will thrive. And on a final note, don’t forget to spend quality non-work-related time with your family members.

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A Family Business Affair

A Family Business Affair

Family businesses continue to form the backbone of the American economy. Did you know that 35% of the Fortune 500 companies are family-controlled businesses? Family businesses account for 50% of the United States domestic product. Family businesses generate 60% of the country’s employment and 78% of all new job creations. For example, Wal-Mart, News Corp, Tyson Foods, and Ford Motor are all family businesses. One thing that all of these businesses have in common is that they all face the same challenges of maintaining continuity, longevity and lasting success. Secondly, the controlling family’s members are currently active in top management and the family has been involved with their company for at least two generations or they plan to be.

Here are 5 tips to ensure the success of your family-owned business:

1.Most families who succeed in business would agree with Thomas Edison that success is a mixture of “10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration”. The secret of building a solid, enduring family business is that everyone who’s seriously involved in it has to work and work hard.

2.The adhesive that seems to hold most successful family companies together is a combination of mutual affection, collective admiration, shared goals, and complementary skills.

3.The family member in charge of a successful family business must wear two hats. You can love your daughter (the consulting manager) even as you bring to the attention of the consulting manager (your daughter) the recent customer complaints that have not been resolved by her staff.

4.Consistency between the family’s values and the fundamental principles or the way business is done must always be in harmony.

5.It is important to take some time off and some time away from the business. A potential problem for families in business is the pressures of being constantly with the same people all of the time.

The typical family business is a sole proprietorship that is most likely to operate from the home (56.6%) as it is from another location (43.4%). The average family business is ten years old, with three out of four having been started by the current owner. Businesses founded after 1990 make up 35% of the total family business in the United States. Computers are used in 70% of all family businesses.

In general, families who operate a family business rate their quality of life as a ‘4’ on a five-point scale. Household managers often participate in the family business. Eighty-seven percent of the household managers report they would rate their level of satisfaction with their role in the family business on a five-point scale at a ‘4’ or ‘5.’

Finally, be proud of your company and your family and let the world know it. If your name is on the door, you have a double role both inside and outside the business. Your pride in the company, in the work it does and in the family that stands behind it can have mammoth management and marketing value. Family members involved in successful family businesses really let their pride shine.

Applying Life Insurance

Applying Life Insurance

Being an agent or lady is great picked. In any case, you may have less or even no time for your gang. That is the danger you need to take the day you choose to be a specialist or lady. Having less or no time for family won’t let you deal with them consistently. Indeed you will have no time to ensure them from any risk, while this is vital thing to do to your relative. Notwithstanding, you don’t need to stress in light of the fact that you can apply life insurance quotes that will help you secure your gang.

The primary step you need to would in the event that you like to apply the life insurance is that you need to pick the best extra security. You can do it by gathering a great deal of data about every life coverage that you know. You can visit the site of them, and after that read the data gave. After that, you can pick one of them that you think is the best focused around the data you have gathered. Second, you may see that there are a few sorts of extra security. You should simply to pick one of them that you require. The last step is to fill the structure to apply the disaster protection. Those are the venture to apply extra security.